Is Politics the Main Reason for Sharon Stone Split?

Since the beginning of Hollywood, there have been a popular interest in the life of people you are never gonna meet. Relationships classified and exposed in front of the eyes of the beholders and out of the hands of the actors. Each new relationship represent a new top story and the more unusual and controversial the couple is, the most read the article will be read.

Sharon Stone and Martin Mica at the beach.

Hollywood Actress Sharon Stone has put to an end her relationship with Argentinian Male Model Martin Mica. The couple who was photographed the whole past year snuggling on the beach or holding hands in the park has decided to split up. According to inner sources, Stone was responsible of the break-up.

Even though, Sharon Stone is 57 years old and Mica 27, the causes for the romance ending are not related to the age difference. The couple met after a rendezvous at Vogue Brazil in Sao Paulo, Brazil and this became a comeback of Stone to the tabloids. After that, Stone and Mica were everywhere together, runway shows, movie premieres, beach, holidays, etc.

According to Life & Style Magazine “She called it off just after the holidays. It wasn’t so much the age difference. They didn’t share the same interests. Her passions are philanthropy, politics, activism — he wasn’t into any of that.”

Regarding the news about the break up, yesterday the couple was spotted holding hands and goodbye-like-hugging with no kissing on Beverly Hills.

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