How To Move With Pets

Author: Izzy Smith

We now have an endless choice when it comes to choosing pets. We are no longer obliged to choose between dogs, cats and fish. We can be as creative and exotic as we like. We have the option to keep lizards, snakes and even sharks! But no matter what pet we decide to keep, we end up cherishing and loving it greatly over a period of time. Eventually, our pets become a part of the family. It is this love and affection that makes it impossible to leave pets behind when moving.

However, moving with pets can be very tricky and complicated. Moving with pets is very similar to moving with children. Both require a lot of attention and can make moving very hard.

Pets that can be kept in tanks and cages such as rabbits, fish etc. are not a problem at all since they always remain in their tanks and cages and cannot come in the way. All you need to do is ensure that food and water containers are filled on the removal day. Since you will be busy during the removal day, you will not have the time to regularly fill up the food and water containers, so doing it first thing is going to mean that you do not have to do it throughout the day.

Animals that are not usually kept in cages or tanks are more difficult to handle and deal with. These include cats and dogs. Dogs are nosey animals that love to investigate and poke their noses everywhere. So on your removal day, your dog will be investigating every little corner. You may find that a simple task such as removing boxes from your room becomes a difficult task, with your dog constantly coming in the way or running behind you.

You may find that your cat also becomes very clingy during removal day. Pets such as cats and dogs can easily sense when something is happening.
So what do you do to make moving easier?

Firstly, you can choose to leave your pet with a neighbour or a friend who your pet is familiar with. This will leave your pet feeling comfortable and secure in the presence of someone it knows, and will also get your pet out of your way.

If you have nowhere to leave your pet, you have a few more options. You can keep your pets in a room or the garden until you have done whatever it is that you needed to do. Ensure that food and water bowls, favourite toys, beds, litters etc. are kept in the same room as the pet so that they have everything that they need with them.
Pets such as cats and dogs do not like change, meaning that they will not be very happy about moving to a new home. It is therefore recommended that you always keep a favourite cushion, toy or bed with the pet at all times. The familiar smell will provide your pet with a sense of security and will make it feel more at ease.
Your last option is to hire a pet remover. Pet removers will gladly take your pet and keep it for a while until you are ready to move. Once again, ensure that your pet has a favourite toy or blanket with it to feel safe and secure.

There are many ways in which you can keep your pet out of your way during removal day. Just find the best one for you and you’re good to go!
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