How Social Media Is Influencing the Real Estate Industry

Author: Rony Mikal

Social media has changed our lifestyle. Sitting on our chair we can communicate with anyone, anywhere, anytime we want. We can surf products, choose the best one, set up our businesses, earn money and practically do almost anything.

9 of 10 Real Estate Searches begin online

Real estate refers to property consisting of land and buildings on it, along with natural resources such as crops, minerals or water. Today real estate business is flourishing and it has created numerous job opportunities, equally affecting and being affected by social media. With unprecedented advancement in technology these agents are approaching social media websites to promote their businesses and get connected with potential buyers. Buyers also get a great deal owing to this advancement, as they are having greater choices and can find property according to their budget and other specifications very easily.
Some of the social media websites best suiting the real estate-

Facebook is the biggest social media platform. Realtors or sellers can create their community pages, which can be visited by numerous potential buyers. The comfort being that one can post about their property easily with thorough explanation given through text and pictures. The biggest advantage of Facebook is its enormous user base.
Facebook bought ‘Instagram’, which is becoming a huge hit for the promotion of a property. With Instagram you can post videos of 15 second duration. These small clippings can give you an insight of the new home or office.

Active Rain-
Realtors, managers, dealers and many more are connected to this site. A brilliant blog posting service provided by this website, which helps people make their choice. How to choose a house? Which property should be chosen, which should not be chosen? How to make a deal? How to inspect a property? Each and every topic is well explained by experts.

It is a place for neighbors and local merchants to interact and discuss what is happening in the community. Each and every person wants their home to be in a homey locality- A locality with proper schools, entertainment centers, hospitals and all the necessary facilities. At Localism you can discuss about your new locality, the advantages, and the disadvantages to live in a particular neighborhood.

Though Google+ is having half the user base as compared to Facebook, it is still being perceived as a potent marketing tool. The real benefit lies in its ability to optimize the search results. The link shared by many people gets better results as it is placed on the first page of organic search results of Google search engine.

Twitter has become a worldwide phenomenon. Each and every prominent personality, including most reputed business organizations are on twitter. 140 word limit of twitter is used by many organizations to give a link to their blogs or web sites. The same is done by real estate businessmen to establish their business. Giving links to new apartments, or links to Pinterest showing the pictures of the apartment, has helped their business expansion in a great way.

Social media has brought revolution in terms of reach and globalization. Taking an example of furnished rental apartments in Toronto, numerous players have risen to attract the customers in buying the apartments and they have done it with the help of social media web sites. Thus it is very clear, that if you want to reach out to the people, social media web sites serve a great purpose.

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