Happy Hipster Thanksgiving

It’s November 22th. Happy Thanksgiving everybody! 

Nowadays, thanks to Lattes, Apple and Instagram, a new race has been formed. They are named ‘The Hipsters‘.If you don’t have all the knowledge about human race identification, it would be hard for you to discover them. You are not born as a hipster, you get turned into a hipster. And in the joy of the holidays, the guys from the Harvard Sailing Team Sketch Comedy decide to upload a video about Thanksgiving with hipsters.

Scene from ‘Hipster Thanksgiving.’

Thanks to the video, we can determine 14 representative issues that might help you identify a hipster.

Here they are:

  • Must Love Instagram.
  • Taking pictures of everything and posting it online, for no reason at all.
  • Wearing Clark Kent glasses as a icon for intelectual posture.
  • Wearing turtle necks in non Canadian zones.
  • Hate everything.
  • Terms like oppressive, exquisite
  • Speaking like a professional in every topic without the academic preparation.
  • Wearing hats from the 50s decades and suspenders are part of the hipster fashion.
  • Having a musical instrument but not playing it.
  • Facebook account deleted.
  • Everybody is an unrated poet.
  • Wearing ugly clothes just to make a conversation.
  • Pretending to have multiple nationalities.
  • Applauding and recording friends idiotic acts.

Alfredo Viteri is a 24 years old IIG. He thinks he’s an Editor, a Web Designer, an Author, a Comedian, an Actor, an Executive Producer, a Critic, a Host. Now he is writing about showbiz, Hollywood, music and beyond. Don’t know why I’m writing in third person if I’m the one writing it.

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