Halle Berry between Two Men

Halle Berry has been under the look of many tabloids due to the altercation between the father of her daughter, canadian former model Gabriel Aubry and her current boyfriend  actor Olivier Martinez.

Halle Berry and her daughter.

Apparently, when Aubry was going to pick his daughter in Berry’s house, Martinez answer the door and try to dialogue with Aubry about the Nahla tenancy. It is supposed that Halle Berry planned to go to live in France with her daughter and Martinez. But according to legal statutes in the conjoint custody agreement, the kid cannot leave the country without both of the parents authorization.

Gabriel Aubry doesn’t want her daughter to go France and live with her mom and her boyfriend, where he is native. This situation has stressed Berry so much, Martinez decided himself to confront Aubry and ask for the authorization. During the talk, Martinez allegedly used the phrase “Everybody must go on” and this lit the rage in Aubry who began the fight between these two.

Both of them were taken custody and then released, Gabriel Aubry was taken to the hospital for a broken rib, a head injure and a wound on the face. He had to pay $20,000 for bail.

The custody battle drama will continue.

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