Green Arrow Taken to the Edge in Comics and TV

Green Arrow gets a new creative team, now the multiple Eisner Award nominee Jeff Lemire (New 52 Animal Man and Justice League Dark) will start writing of the Emerald Archer in “Green Arrow #17” which is schedulled for February 2013. Lemire won’t be alone as he teams-up with Andrea Sorrentino, the dark artist behind ‘I, Vampire‘. This team promises to take Oliver Queen’s solo series to a new more dark place in the hero’s life.

Green Arrow by Andrea Sorrentino

Green Arrow by Andrea Sorrentino

Lemire admitted that he never truly connected with the DC Comics archer in the past, but now has developed a great deal of respect and appreciation for the character while writing him these last few months and reading some classic Green Arrow stories from the last 25-years, mainly Mike Grell‘s “Longbow Hunters” as well as Andy Diggle and Jock‘s “Green Arrow: Year One.”

Green Arrow was created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp way back in 1941, however the character never reached A-list status. In the tweenty first century Queen’s exploits are on the rise thanks to the Arrow television series, starring Stephen Amell, which is an early-season hit for CW, Amell portrays a very crude and real side of Ollie’s first nights on the job, this series has gotten intense and physical since Green Arrow is a well-fed man with a passion for punishment on the corrupt. Geoff Johns has already that the character will be joining ‘Justice League of America‘ roster, hence the delay for Lemire, since Ollie would be joining the JLA in 2013.

So far, Lemire is excited to expand Ollie’s mythos in the months and years ahead, the first teaser is the appereance of Shado, daughter of a Yakuza agent and Green Arrow’s equal with a bow and arrow from Grell’s, she appeared on Grell’s arc “Longbow Hunters”. Lemire promises the introduction of a deadly new cast of villains with mysterious ties to his past and supporting cast members along with re-imagining of some classic bad guys ones.



Lemire had talked to Dan Didio previously about what he was going to write next, but when Didio asked him “How about Green Arrow?“. This is what Jeff had to say about that… “I paused. Oliver Queen was never a character I’d had any particular affection for. I love DC comics and love DC characters, but Green Arrow was never one of the guys I gravitated towards. Yet, for some reason, as soon as Dan said it, something sparked in my head. At that moment, I wasn’t sure why, but something told me this was exactly the kind of book and kind of character I was searching for.

Quite simply, I wanted to make Green Arrow a hunter again. A street level hero of the gutters caught up in a world of violence, betrayal and conspiracy. My ever growing plans for the book will build a huge new mythology around Green Arrow’s legacy and I knew that if I wanted to pull it off, I’d need one hell of an artist, someone who could match the new vision for Green Arrow that I was after.

Andrea Sorrentino’s stark and beautiful artwork on I, Vampire had caught my eye last year when I was looking at preview copies of the New 52 books. And, I’ve continued to follow him ever since. While his work is perfectly suited for the horror vibe of Vampire, I thought that putting him on a character like Green Arrow would create an amazing tension and a really unique take on a DCU superhero. And boy, was I right. His work so far in Green Arrow has been the absolute best of his career. This is one beautiful looking comic book.

The first Green Arrow action-packed arc, THE KILL MACHINE debuts with Issue #17. ‘I intend to hurt Oliver Queen. Strip him down to the bone and force him to rise up and become the hero he was destined to be. I hope you come along for the ride.’ Jeff Lemire.

Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino’s run starts in February, in Green Arrow #17. Stay tuned for more on the Emeral Archer.

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