Full Length Trailer for Stephenie Meyer ‘The Host’

A new full lenght trailer of the novel ‘The Host’ published by Twilight‘ author Stephenie Meyer has been released. It has been 4 years and 5 ‘Twilight’ films since the name of Stephenie Meyer became popular among vampire loving teens.

A futuristic Earth in Stephenie Meyer ‘The Host’.

When Hollywood realized that original scripts were not what they used to be, or that everything was already done, novels came to the rescue, well novels and comics. Meyer gained about 400 millions dollars for just one Twilight from the Saga of five films. No wonder why the studio bought the filming rights of her upcoming book ‘The Host’.

The Host tells the story of a long term future where aliens invaded planet Earth and possessed humans body naming themselves as ‘souls’. In this post invasion world lives a teenage girl named ‘Melanie Stryder’ played by newcomer actress ‘Saoirse Ronan’. She will find hope in the last original humans on the Earth, the ones that haven’t been possessed by the ‘souls’.

Diane Kruger as ‘The Seeker’ in ‘The Host’.

During one of their escapades, Melanie will fall from a third floor and will be taken by the ‘souls’. They will heal her wounds and a ‘soul’ will overcome her body. The ‘souls’ main goal is to control Earth and erase humans memories, but the ‘soul’ that will posses Melanie won’t do that. It will join Melanie in journey to aid and free the humans.

The villain  in this film -better known as ‘The Seeker’- is portrayed by german actress, Diane Kruger. She is remembered for her roles in ‘Troy’ and ‘Inglourius Basterds’. Claire Danes and Eva Green rejected the role of ‘The Seeker’.


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