Frank Grillo Could be Joining Captain America: Winter Soldier

Character actor Frank Grillo, best known for his roles in Warrior and The Grey (by Joe Carnahan) could be playing the villain assassin Crossbones in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Recently the actor twitted after a meeting with Marvel. “See Ya LA. It was a good trip. Marvel was a lot of fun. Be cool if it works out. #CaptainAmerica.”

Frank Grillo could portray Crossbones

Frank Grillo could portray Crossbones

The rumor spread like wildfire on Twitter when @BRIANMENDIS revealed that Grillo has screen-tested for Marvel and “is this close to getting the role of Crossbones in the Marvel movies.” This could mean a good move for Grillo who has already showed his in-character abilities (Díaz in The Grey).

In the comics Crossbones a.k.a Brock Rumlow, is a highly trained assassin and mercenary who has worked with other villains such as Red Skull, Baron Zemo, Hydra among others. It could be saide that Crossbones is the evil version of The Punisher, since he doesn’t have super powers, only his ability to fight his way through everything.

Crossbones carried out the assassination of Steve Rogers during the Civil War story arc, guess we’ll soon find out his role in the sequel.

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