First Look at Deadshot in Arrow

The upcoming CW superhero series Arrow will premiere on Wednesday October 10. The superhero-drama focuses on Oliver Queen (portrayed by Stephen Amell) as he is rescued from an island in the Pacific, five-years after a shipwreck.

Arrow (Stephen Amell) seizing Deadshot (Michael Rowe)

Arrow (Stephen Amell) seizing Deadshot (Michael Rowe)

Once Oliver returns to society in Starling City (Star City in DC comics) and reunites with his family and friends, they see him as a changed man. Soon Oliver works his way to improve his relations with his mother and sister. By night he assumes Arrow his alter-ego (probably developed in the island according to the series writers) and fights crime in Starling city as a vigilante.

This is were most viewers will pay attention since ‘Arrow’ will face comic book villains. In the episode “The Lone Gunman” the vigilante battles faces an expert marksman ‘Deadshot’ (will he be a smoker like in the comics…) portrayed by Michael Rowe.

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