Explore some Beautiful Destinations in New Zealand

Author: Stella Kristin

New Zealand is a friendly and photogenic country offering tourists a terrific adventure and exploration. It consists of rugged islands, which are home to native forests, beaches, mountains, thermal regions and fiords. In New Zealand traditional Maori culture mixes with the modern cultures in cosmopolitan cities. There are many beautiful places and outdoor adventures to see. Below are some of the most beautiful places in New Zealand:

The Milford Track

This is the most well-known hiking trail in New Zealand. In every year, only a limited spots are available due to high demand among visitors. However hikers are advised to be prepared for heavy rains. The track involves river crossing, sheer mountain walls streaked with waterfalls valley from Lake Mintario. While on the face of the mountain, one can see dozens of waterfalls coming off the snow fields.

Tongariro National Park

It consists of a rugged volcanic landscape. There is also a 19 km hike trail which visitors can engage in. This park consists of tranquil lakes, herb fields, desert like plateaus and active volcanoes. Visitors can start their trek at the Whakapapa Visitor Centre. The short hike takes you through scrubland, the forest and along the lava line of volcanic eruptions.

Abel Tasman Coast Track

This is located on the northern side of the country’s South Island. It has numerous beaches and sandbars to see. This national park is the best for hikers. It is normally closed for vehicles, and one can only enter using a boat, small plane or on foot. While trekking one can observe blue penguins, wood pigeons, oyster catchers and different species of birds.

The Coromandel

This peninsula is famous for its white and golden sand beaches. It offers forests for exploration and beautiful coastal scenery. You can start your visit in Thames. This small picturesque city has a history of gold mining. At the Hot Water Beach, visitors can make their own hot pool by digging from the springs under the sand.

The Wakaito River

This is one of the outlets of Lake Taupo. The most remarkable feature in this river is its blue colored waters. Those who visit this river enjoy hiking in it up to the Taupo falls. Most people say these waters look unreal. If you hike along it, you end up to the famous Huka falls. The bungee jump site is very famous among visitors.

Bay Islands

This is one of the most popular holiday places in New Zealand. This bay has a lot of marine life including penguins, whales and dolphins. It is popular for sailing yachts and international sport fishermen.


This is the thermal land of New Zealand. There are numerous hot springs and geysers. Many of these are found in reserves and parks. Visitors can watch eruptions of steam and hot water. This are just a few of the places you can visit in New Zealand.

New Zealand citizens can visit the USA with the help of ESTA visa program. Under this program, you do not need a visa for you to visit USA. However the maximum number of days you can stay in United States under this program is ninety days.

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