Eddie Murphy is the Most Overrated Actor in Hollywood

Actor Eddie Murphy has been named by Forbes Magazine on their latest edition, as the Most Overrated Actor in Hollywood. This formula was taken by comparing the cash the actor receives in paychecks and the box office for his 2012 film projects.

Eddie Murphy is the Most Overrated Actor in Hollywood.

This is a quite interesting topic, because it uses basic math to get ranks like this one. Before using the numbers, you must understand the difference between value, rate, worth and price. Overrated is the equivalence of expensive in a qualitative nomenclature. People usually misunderstand and use the term “expensive” for any product with a high price. For example: That MBA costs $12,000. That’s a lot of money. That’s expensive. In this case the term is wrongly used, because the subject is implying that just for being a lot of money, it is expensive.

Expensive is used when you think the price of a product is higher than the value (what you think it is worth). Using that same line, we can say an actor is overrated when he gets very big paychecks even though he is not a great actor, haven’t done any big project recently, not very good for the box office or haven’t won any Award for outstanding performance. This is the case of Eddie Murphy.

Eddie Murphy is an actor that has had big blockbusters, but unluckily we are using verbs in past tense. With movies like Beverly Hills Cop, Coming to America and Shrek, we can say Murphy participated in Blockbusters Films. In “Dreamgirls” we can say he did a major performance. But failures like Norbit, Meet Dave, Daddy Day Care, The Adventures of Pluto Nash, Tower Heist and Imagine That positions Eddie Murphy as the Most Overrated Actor in Hollywood.

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