Don’t Let Rain Ruin Your Holiday

Author: Izzy Smith.

So you have spent all year planning and looking forward to your holiday in the sun, you’ve bought a nice new summer wardrobe and you think you are all prepared, but have you checked the weather in your destination for the week you are going?  Even the warmest of climates can be subjected to rain, sometimes the hotter the climate sometimes the more likely it is to rain.

If you’re lucky it will only rain for an hour or so each day, this then won’t affect your holiday much at all.  You may even quite like it, if you are overheating in the sun and warm temperatures the refreshing coolness of the rain can be quite welcoming. However, if you’re one of the unlucky few who has constant rain throughout the entire of their holiday you may feel like the holiday is ruined and was completely pointless, this is not the case.

Unless the rain is really heavy and is interfering with your activities you should try to have as normal a holiday as possible, for example, if you like swimming in the pool, then you can still do this, you’re going to get wet anyway so why should you let the rain stop you.  When the rain has a lighter patch why not consider going to the beach, it won’t be the most pleasurable experience you’ve ever had, but at least your beach holiday won’t be completely wasted.

If the rain is heavy and this means you really can’t go to the beach or do much other than going in the swimming pool, why not try going on some days out, rent a car and tour around the island.  Or see what excursions the hotel offers, there may be some indoor excursions you can do, or some excursions that aren’t affected by the weather.  Alternatively have a look at a local guide and see if there are any local museums or anything of interest to go and visit, the rain is an ideal time to soak up some culture and really get to know the place you are visiting. If there is a cinema or theatre nearby, why not take your family for an evening out, follow it up with a nice meal at a restaurant, you won’t even notice it’s raining!

The rain is ideal in some respects, it forces the family to spend more time with each other and entertaining each other, if there is nothing we can do outdoors then we must find something that we can do indoors, this often means playing games of some kind like charades or a board game like scrabble or monopoly, or even a game of cards. If your children are off playing with other children or involved in some kind of kids entertainment supplied by the hotel, then you can spend time in the lobby or the bar, not only will you meet new people, but you’ll also be able to enjoy a cocktail first thing in the morning.

If you are really bored and stuck for finding things to do, then consider catching up on sleep and turning the holiday into a relaxing, stress free holiday, book yourself an appointment at a spa and have yourself some treatments or a massage.  Or just enjoy the sauna, Jacuzzi and swimming pools.

Enjoy the rain, when you are home and you get wet it is more often than not an inconvenience, it means you have to spend the day at work in your wet clothes, or you need to get changed again before you can go back out, when you are on holiday none of this matters, you will be getting changed a number of times each day anyway, holiday is about fund and experiencing something new, even if that something new is the rain.

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