Did Lindsay described her relationship with Samantha Ronson as Toxic?

It has been 3 years since NY actress Lindsay Lohan and british DJ Samantha Ronson were officialy a couple. This was Lindsay latest romantic and official relationship the audience know about. But even she nowadays described Ronson as a good friend, Lindsay get to the conclusion that it was a toxic relationship.

Lindsay Lohan while dating Samantha Ronson in 2008.

If we look down Lindsay Lohan record, it has been: 6 arrests, 5 rehab visits, jail time, 536 hours of community service and 1 broken heart. Lindsay explained the use of the ‘toxic’ term because in the moment they were dating, they both were ‘toxic’ to each other. She also justified her solitude expressing that she need to love herself first before start loving someone else.

Lindsay Lohan states that in Samantha Ronson days, she was brave enough to say “Okay guys, I like a girl, so what?” this meaning of a media platform questioning Lohan sexual preferences.

In final days, when asking Lindsay about a feedback of her recent past with drugs, alcohol and rehabilitation, she blamed her past situation on bad influences and bootlickers. Focusing on how lonely she felt around in those moments. Lohan returned to New york City when she can be next to her family, and being take good care of.

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