David Anders Joins Arrow as a Ruthless Career Criminal

David Anders has joined the cast of The CW‘s Arrow as Cyrus Vanch, a ‘ruthless career criminal‘ that is looking to take over the criminal underworld in Starling City after a long time in prison.

David Anders joins Arrow as Cyrus Vanch

David Anders joins Arrow as Cyrus Vanch

Star David Anders got his start as Sark on Alias, he moved through popular shows like Heroes and The Vampire Diaries until he landed the role of Dr. Scott in Once Upont a Time.

The casting news was released by Zap2It.com. Anders will be appearing in Episode 13 of the series, which is titled “Betrayal“.

Here’s a brief synopsis of how will Arrow interact with Vanch…

Similar to other recent guest villains, Vanch is unlike any threat Arrow has ever faced. In this case, Anders’ character was released from prison and instead of being rehabilitated, he goes back to his illegal activities, which gets Laurel’s (Katie Cassidy) attention, and decides to take him down. When she finds the police can’t stop Vanch, she turns to Arrow for help. That is, if they can find him… Vanch is trying to take over the criminal underworld, and in order to do that he needs to get rid of the Arrow because it will definitely get the criminals attention.

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