CSI: Las Vegas Casts Henry Ian Cusick in Upcoming Episode

Character actor Henry Ian Cusick (Lost) is set appear in the police-drama CSI: Las Vegas episode 13.16, titled “Last Woman Standing”. The episode will air on Wednesday, February 27. It will guest star David Cassidy (The Partridge Family) as Veteran Poker Player, Peter Coe.

Here’s the episode premise: “When several prominent poker players lose their lives, the CSI team is called to investigate before more victims surface.

Henry Ian Cusick on CSI: Las Vegas

Henry Ian Cusick on CSI: Las Vegas

The series will feature several guest members, Henry Ian Cusick (Dr. Jimmy), Marc Vann (Conrad Ecklie), Larry Mitchell (Officer Mitchell), Becky O’Donohue (Ava Rendell), Scott Hoxby (Trent Aldridge), Nathalie Hall (Katy Hill), Kevin Scott Allen (Bo Mattison).

So far there are no details of Cusick’s character, except his name ‘Dr. Jimmy‘. Stay tune for more information on this.


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