Cleaning Your House Before A Removal

Author: Izzy Smith.

You would not expect to find yourself moving into a new flat or house which is dirty, so why would you want to leave your current home in a mess for someone else to clean? After you have finally gone through the distressing process that is packing, it is not only courteous to clean the place up, but it is also common sense. It is wise to clean after the packing is done. This way, you know that your biggest job is out of the way, and you do not have to worry about not being on track when the removers arrive.

When you are packing, keeping all cleaning appliances together will make it easier for you to find them when it is time to clean up. If you do not wish to unpack a particular box to retrieve your cleaning products, supermarkets and small convenience stores usually have miniature cleaning products, which you can purchase to get the job done.

A house should be cleaned from top to bottom. This means that you should be checking the ceilings, the walls and then the floors. If you are leaving any fixtures or furniture in the house, make sure to give it a once over too.

Holes left by drilling in order to hang up pictures, canvases and frames should be filled in. There are many simple to use, fast drying putties and fillers available which do not cost a lot. If you have time, a lick of paint on walls which are a little too stained is highly suggested. However, that is optional. If you use sticky tack instead of nails to hang up your pictures, ensure that no traces of the sticky tack remain on the wall. Sticky tack, more commonly known as blue tack can be easily removed by just rubbing a larger piece of tack over it.

Focus on removing any stains that there may be. Stains are common, especially if you have children. Children are known for spilling juices, food and other liquids that stain. Grownups with the love of tea, coffee or wine may have had their own staining experience. There are many stain removal products out there which are easy to use and are inexpensive e.g. Vanish stain remover. You may also have your own family remedies such as mixtures of baking soda and other components. If you cannot completely remove the stain, do not worry. Just focus on decreasing the intensity of the stain as much as possible.

Hoover all carpets/sweep all wooden floors. If the floors are made of real wood, giving them a polish will also be a good gesture, but this is optional. As long as the floors are clean, you have nothing to worry about. All surfaces should be wiped down with disinfectant. Any furniture which is going to stay in the house should also be wiped down. The shelves in a wardrobe, the inside of kitchen units and drawers need to be cleaned internally as well. Bromley van removals

Just because a certain place is not going to be your home anymore does not give you the right to keep someone else’s house unclean, untidy and uncared for. Although the house does not have to be immaculate, a certain level of cleanliness is desirable. Take out some time before the removers arrive to give the house a quick spring clean.

So whilst you are excited about moving into your new, clean home, someone else can be excited about moving into your old, clean home. N1 house moving

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