Chris Brown Deleted his Twitter Account

Years have passed since the altercation between Chris Brown and Rihanna, which sent the female singer to the hospital and the american rapper to jail. The public opinion haven’t forgotten about the issue, and the rapper is still identified as a domestic abuser.

Chris Brown and Rihanna hugging. (November 2012)

The subject is now turned back to spotlight because of Rihanna recent comments about she still loving him and an Instagram picture of both of them hugging on Thanksgiving Day. On the other hand, the rapper has begun an agressive and vulgar twitter fight with American comedian Jenny Johnson that guided him to suspend his Twitter Account.

Everything started with the rapper tweeting “I look old as f**k! I’m only 23…”. The american comedian replied with “I know! Being a worthless piece of sh*t can really age a person.” From then the cross words got ugly.

Via tweets the rappers suggested the comedian to perform oral sex to him and then assume she was a prostitute. Jenny Johnson responded correcting the rapper orthography and posting a 2009 link about the Rihanna-Brown fight.

Justifying, Chris Brown told Johnson to ask Rihanna is she was mad about the fact he beat her up in 2009. Finally, both of them couldn’t make each other realize their own point of view. Jenny Johnson tweeted “Ok I’m done” meanwhile Chris Brown tweeted to his fans “To teambreezy I’m not upset”.

The rapper alleged he will dedicated himself to live in the real world.

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