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The guy who said NO to Facebook $3 billion offer

Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat

What if Goliat before facing David had done a market research? What if he had offered David some kind of agreement knowing the threat of the aim and the rock? What if Goliat proposal had been very tempting, almost unrejectable, and nevertheless David had dismissed it? Its one of two cases, the boy is suicidal […]

NASA discovered “The Earth Song”

NASA has discovered eerie-sounding radio emissions coming from our own planet, better known as the Earth Song.

For most of you who experienced RPG games such as “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” on of the most remembered issues are the songs. Epona songs, The Sun Song, The Rain Song and those that could warp you to different temples. Well this article is not related to gaming but with singing. NASA […]

Gmail New Look

Gmail New Look

Today when I was composing an email, it was a shock when a pop up message propose me to try out Gmail new features.   Apparently Google is updating his email service making it with less transitions related to its Compose, Repply, Forward options. Instead of a new page every time you compose, repply, or […]

Lindsay Lohan doesn’t need a boyfriend!!


It has been 2 days since Lindsay Lohan last tweet. In the past weeks, Lindsay has been accused of hiting a man with her car, passing out, agression allegations, but lets get serious, she can be charged with triple murder and leaving the crime scene, and there still gonna be hundreds of directors calling her […]

Lawsuits Warrior + Notepad = Samsung Galaxy Note II


Even though there is a high range legal battle with Apple, Inc; Samsung keeps presenting their new stuff, during the half year, the korean company introduced a new version of Samsung SII with the SII, now is time for a new version of the Samsung Galaxy Note. Samsung is a company dedicated to operation and […]

Assassin´s Creed 3 – New Trailer [ES]


This just in, a new video of the Assassin´s Creed 3 trailer. Follow the chronics of Connor, the hero, the soldier, the man behind the legend, the birth of a new nation ( I’m sorry, I’ve never played Assassins Creed 1, 2 or 3, I feel respect for them, but economy is tough these days, […]