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Why Making a Batman/Superman Movie is a Bad Idea

Superman vs Batman

A few days ago Warner Bros. rocked Comic Con when they announced a Batman/Superman movie is in production and is due to be out in 2015. Fans of both superheroes have been cheering all over the world ever since the announcement was made and we are all impatiently waiting to see the showdown between DC’s [...]

Singer Sinead O’ Connor Congratulates The Pope

Sinead O' Connor

Many of us, regardless our religious beliefs, were shocked  about the announcement of the Pope’s Resignation and is completely justified due to the fact that in 600 years there has not been the pontiff resign since Pope Gregory XII in 1415. Voices around the world have been heard, from world leaders to catholic through their [...]

To Rome With Love, new tourist images of Woody Allen


A new film by Woody Allen, one of the last old-school filmmakers.  I had many expectations respect to this film, especially after the success of Midnight in Paris, which he won an Academy Award nomination. The movie is divided into four completely different stories and the same time so common,  that cause some confusion to the [...]

Photo Gallery: People Magazine 12 Sexiest Man Alive 2012

Captura de pantalla 2012-11-14 a la(s) 4.50.06 PM

New Year’s Eve is coming and so is the presentation of 2012 ranks, Best movie in 2012, Breakthrough actor or actress in 2012, 2012 shocking news, among others. Joining this tradition is People Magazine with their annual List of the Sexiest Man Alive. People Magazine not only combine beauty and body work to the preparation [...]

How much did Celebrity Endorsement influenced USA Elections?

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Days ago, when election path was getting shorter, movies and music stars started promoting their endorsement towards USA candidates. But reviewing all this information make you wonder if their endorsement is accompanied with political, economical and social knowledge. I mean the question, They did it because of the identity with candidates ideologies or just because [...]

WTF is wrong with Parenting?

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I have just watched the video at the end of the post, and it just came to my mind, What the F is wrong with Jimmy Kimmel and american parenting?  The american television host via his show “Jimmy Kimmel’s LIVE” Youtube Channel presented an idea directed to parents, about telling their kids that they ate [...]

Is “A Haunted House” the New “Scary Movie” ?


Marlon Wayans is back! From the genius family that came up with the original idea for “Scary Movie”, a new horror parody project is emerging. I’m talking about “A Haunted House” from writer Marlon Wayans, A.K.A Shorty and Rick Alvarez. You may remember Shorty for his works in Scary Movie and Scary Movie 2, and [...]