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Planning Your Next Vacation


Author: Izzy Smith. Everyone loves going on holiday, but not many people enjoy the preparation for it. The reason is because there is a lot to think about and we tend to think we are forgetting something all the time. Especially when you are travelling somewhere new and taking your whole family, there is a lot you can [...]

Colin Farrell Joins World Aids Day Campaign

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World AIDS Day is observed on December 1, every year and is dedicated for raising awareness on AIDS disease.  Many artists have collaborated with the project raising their voice for the prevention of the disease. Via a Youtube video, Irish actor Colin Farrell remembered for his villain role in comic based film Daredevil has borrowed [...]

Mark Ruffalo on a fight against Natural Gas

Mark Ruffalo

I believed that one of the actors that works only for art, is actor, director, screenwriter and Dr. Bruce Banner, Mark Ruffalo. Since “The Avengers” premiere I started following Ruffalo on twitter, just to find out that his tweets are greener than the pixels on his face. After surviving a brain tumor surgery and beating [...]

Gangnam Style Parody against Rajoy Government


It has been a year of pop and dance youtube hits, hits like “Call me maybe” “I’m sexy and I know it” and “Gangnam Style“. These three have something in common, they have been the most parodied and lip dub videos on Youtube. We can count several cases such as The US Olympic Team with [...]

LGBT Americans for Obama


“Every single american deserves to be treated in the eyes of the law and in the eyes of our society” Barack Obama. Forget the “Don’t ask Don’t tell”  Obama is preaching “We are one”.  Even though military reforms can be seen as a political and financial decision, Barack Obama has become the first president with the [...]

The Green New Deal


Since the 2008 crisis, meetings like EU and G-20 had come together to “stop” the free falls of the economies, but couldn’t find any solution. The Green New Deal brings you a chance to resolve the economical, social and environmental crisis. It can create 6 millions new jobs and save among 200 billions euros on [...]