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Best Musical Plays in London

London Musical Plays

Author: Sophie Samuel London’s Drury Lane is known for its spectacular productions! We can see why, considering the rich history that is found inside the playhouse’s grand facade. Drury Lane has always gone big when it comes to musical theatre and its impressive display. Some of the best musical plays in London can be found [...]

Make a Container Garden and Deal with the Lack of Space

Make a Container Garden and Deal with the Lack of Space_1

Author: Izzy Smith. There are always several ways to deal with a problem. In the real life we get proofs for this every day. When you really want to make something you will find your way to do it even if the circumstances are not on your side. The situation with the making of a [...]

Moving Tips and Removalists Trade Secrets


Author: Ivy Delfin My worst moving day experience- and I’m no babe in the woods, I’ve had a few- involved maneuvering my own cumbersome kitchen table through the front door as my two hapless hired removalists looked on disinterestedly, after declaring the table quite immovable. No, I protested, that can’t be- it got in through [...]

Cleaning Your Kitchen Before Springbreak

Cleaning the kitchen - ideas for spring_1

Author: Izzy Smith. Kitchen is a premise that we should keep cleaning and cleaning everyday and yet it will not be the most shining and splendid room at home. The thing is that the dirtiest job is done right here, in the kitchen, and there is no way for any housekeeper to maintain it white [...]

Moving Out: Hiring a Man And a Van

Hiring a Van

Author: Izzy Smith. It’s very likely that at some stage in your life, you’ve experienced a situation in which moving home, undertaking a thorough de-cluttering or transporting un-wanted possessions to the tip or charity-shop has been a nightmare. Clearing out the shed or organizing your own home-move may have seemed completely manageable at the time, [...]

Buying The Perfect Flowers Before Valentine’s Day

Flower - gift

Author: Izzy Smith. To buy the best gift for a person you love is not simple thing to do. For you it may be the great present of all, but it does not meet the expectations of the other person and this turns into big problem. To make good present is sometimes matter of long [...]

Cleaning Your House Before A Removal

House Cleaning

Author: Izzy Smith. You would not expect to find yourself moving into a new flat or house which is dirty, so why would you want to leave your current home in a mess for someone else to clean? After you have finally gone through the distressing process that is packing, it is not only courteous to [...]