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Matthew Fox – SO VERY LOST


Where on EARTH is “Lost” leading man, Matthew Fox?? Checking IMDB we can see that after “LOST” his next big project will be along Brad Pitt on World War Z, a zombie apocalypsis project, YEAH we didn’t have enough of them already. Since the 2010 the project is going on, so it better be good.

First Look at Deadshot in Arrow


The upcoming CW superhero series Arrow will premiere on Wednesday October 10. The superhero-drama focuses on Oliver Queen (portrayed by Stephen Amell) as he is rescued from an island in the Pacific, five-years after a shipwreck. Once Oliver returns to society in Starling City (Star City in DC comics) and reunites with his family and friends, [...]

FRINGE Season 5 Official Trailer


Fringe presents the official trailer of its Fifth and final season. Next Friday 28, the first episode ‘Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11” will air. Stay tuned and don’t miss the ending of this epic scifi TV saga, with Anna Torv (Olivia Dunham), Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop), John Noble (Walter Bishop), Lance Reddick (Phillip Broyles), Blair Brown [...]

Henry Ian Cusick Goes from Fringe to The Mentalist


Henry Ian Cusick could play Tommy Volker a potentially shady brotha… in a three-episode arc in the upcoming 5th season of The Mentalist. Cusick’s character, ‘Tommy Volker’ is a multi-millionaire adventurer playboy who comes under suspicion when a television reporter is murdered. On the Fringeverse, Cusick portrayed Fringe Agent Simon Foster in the episode 19 [...]

Could Henry Ian Cusick Appear on Hawaii Five-0?


Daniel Dae Kim revealed that he may reunite with Lost co-star Henry Ian Cusick on the set of Hawaii Five-0. The actor – who plays Chin Ho Kelly on the CBS drama – told E! Online that he had discussed a possible role with Cusick, who recently left the political drama Scandal. “He is back [...]

Sofia Vergara Dress Mishap

Sofia Vergara

@belenggomez Check out the pictures of Sofia Vergara Dress Mishap during the Emmy Awards and the after party.