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Demi Lovato Supports Lindsay Lohan

Demi Lovato defended Lindsay Lohan from Perez Hilton tweets.

Singer and “The X Factor” younger judge, Demi Lovato stood up against gossip blogger Perez Hilton for his tweets related to Lindsay Lohan recent altercation.The twitter fight between both of them have been erased. For those who have seen Perez Hilton Blog, it is well known that the gossip blogger way of saying things is [...]

La Toya Jackson: “My Father is Doing Extremely Well”

Joe Jackson

There haven’t been that much news related to Joe Jackson condition after the mild stroke he had on Thursday morning. Yesterday her daughter Latoya Jackson tweeted about her father medical condition and thanked the good will messages. It was Thursday morning, November 29, the press presented the news that the father of the Jackson Family [...]

One Direction will Launch Debut Fragrance

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The boyband of the moment, One Direction is finishing the projects for 2013. A new album, new world tour and a debut female fragrance designed by Olivann Beautywill keep positioning the british band in the top of the charts and in the top of their fans mind. With a new division of luxury fragrances Fusion [...]

Chris Brown Deleted his Twitter Account

Chris Brown-Twitter

Years have passed since the altercation between Chris Brown and Rihanna, which sent the female singer to the hospital and the american rapper to jail. The public opinion haven’t forgotten about the issue, and the rapper is still identified as a domestic abuser. The subject is now turned back to spotlight because of Rihanna recent [...]

Rita Ora Replaces Rihanna in “Fast and Furious 6″


Ages ago, somebody told me a very memorable quote about friendship “If you want to be greater in life, steal every piece of information you need from your friends, learn it, let them teach you and then improve it”. In business that would be called “Benchmarking” just looking around, trying to find answers to our [...]

Ricky Martin Joins “The Voice: Australia”

Ricky Martin - The Voice Australia

Unemployment is a term unknown for latin superstar Ricky Martin. If we can do a little summary about Ricky Martin successful career this past few years, we must begin with his autobiography and coming out statement that led to a new album, a global tour, a Glee appearance as Spanish Teacher and the stardom in [...]

Portugal and Poland won’t Participate in Eurovision 2013

Portugal - Eurovision

Eurovision Song Contest is an annual competition between active countries of the European Broadcasting Union, where each member presents a song and performs it on live television, then each and every country votes for their favorites song, the votes are calculated and rated on a 1-12 points scale. The song with the most voting win [...]