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Green Arrow Taken to the Edge in Comics and TV


Green Arrow gets a new creative team, now the multiple Eisner Award nominee Jeff Lemire (New 52 Animal Man and Justice League Dark) will start writing of the Emerald Archer in “Green Arrow #17” which is schedulled for February 2013. Lemire won’t be alone as he teams-up with Andrea Sorrentino, the dark artist behind ‘I, […]

Nicki on American Idol!… Respect?


@Mighty_Zareb Nicki Minaj promises a “funny” American Idol season.. Next to all-star diva Mariah Carey, Keith Urban and that hispster dude saying “yo dawg” all the time!

Sofia’s Butt Chicks came out to say hello!


@Mighty_Zareb Sofia Vergara got her dress teared up at the 2012 Emmy Primetime Awards Ceremony! And we all appreciated those cute latin chicks once again..

Robert Pattinson: “Lick my armpits maybe!”


@Mighty_Zareb Robert Pattinson got back together with Kristen Stewart. Kristen recently confessed her fetish with Robert (Licking his armpits because she likes the smell) Yeah.. she likes that..