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Liam McIntyre before Spartacus

Liam McIntyre

If you are unfamiliarized with the Australian TV, the name Liam McIntyre will come up in mind as the mighty gladiator ‘Spartacus’. His strong looks and hoarse voice blend perfectly when replacing the late Andy Whitfield in Steven Knight series. But, where did McIntyre come from? what he did before “Spartacus”? The australian gladiator wasn’t […]

Another Comic Character Gets Cast in AMC’s The Walking Dead


This is The Walking Dead Monday, first Robert Kirkman along with AMC officially announced a Spin-off of the series, which will focus on an entirely new story with unique characters, not from the comic book. Kirkman has already expanded his creation to video games, toys and more. Now “AMC announced today that the network is […]

John Leguizamo will Portray Pablo Escobar


John Leguizamo has won one of the best roles of his career, he’ll portray the famous Colombian drug-lord Pablo Escobar in a new biopic. According to Deadline “Leguizamo got the job basically because he refused to take no for an answer.” Apparently the Colombian actor feels he was born to play the character. The 49-year-old Carlito’s […]

Liam McIntyre Auditions for a Jedi in Star Wars: Episode VII


Famous actor Liam McIntyre, best known for his portrayal of the mythical hero Spartacus, in the Starz series has auditioned for Star Wars: Episode VII role.  McIntyre stated he read from a script, he made this announcement at the recent Dragon Con and let the news be known about his possible involvement with the upcoming […]

Jack Nicholson Retires at 76


Famous actor and real-life character Jack Nicholson has quietly retired from the movie business. The 76-year-old Hollywood legend has no intentions of appearing in films after a five-decade career. “Jack has – without fanfare – retired,” said a well-placed Hollywood film insider. “There is a simple reason behind his decision – it’s memory loss. Quite […]

True Blood Accents: Which Characters are from Where?

True Blood

  HBO struck while the vampire iron was hot, and made True Blood must-see TV. The show is set down in southern Louisiana, and the accents are as thick as the humid air.Hm. The accents. The accents are an irreplaceable part of True Blood. Southern drawls make the blood sucking/brooding that much more dramatic. But. […]

The Reigning Kings of Bollywood


Salman Khan: Everything Salman Khan touches seems to turn into gold. Or a Rs. 100 crore+ blockbuster. Since the release of Dabangg, there has been no looking back for Bollywood’s bad boy, whose movies have been met with packed halls every single time. Although the overriding theme of his movies rarely changes (he’s a cop, […]