Buying The Perfect Flowers Before Valentine’s Day

Author: Izzy Smith.

To buy the best gift for a person you love is not simple thing to do. For you it may be the great present of all, but it does not meet the expectations of the other person and this turns into big problem.

To make good present is sometimes matter of long time of research and learning the taste of the person, you would love to surprise. Some people however are natural at this and easily pick great things for everybody.

As important part of the gift, flowers also obey certain rules and some tips are needed to choose the best bouquet. These tips can be extremely useful for men especially, because they genuinely do not know the meaning of the flowers in general. If they try to remember these advices they will be at least able to pick fresh and nice flowers, but will the lady like them, no one on the earth can guarantee.

This article can also be in use for the ladies, who love to buy cut flowers to decorate their houses. They would love to purchase them fresh and keep them in this condition for the longest time possible.

You will be very lucky if you know trusted florist, who will never lie to you and give you the freshest flowers, without special asking. It is not always possible to know such a guy and that is the time when you need to stand alone and manage the situation in order not to get embarrassed with the choice you have made.

When you are looking for the perfect flowers, try to grab the inside once or those which are put in the middle of the bucket or any other object that holds them. This advice can be easily explained by telling that the flowers that are in the periphery are pressed by the others and often loose their fresh look. The same rule is in power if the shop has flowers inside and outside, directly on the street. In this case go inside and always pick the flowers from there, no matter how much you have liked some from the other side. The sun, as much as it is essential for the growing flowers is not that good for the once, that are cut. The light and the heat can make them dry and spoil their looks fast. They are also very vulnerable to the cars’ fumes and other weather conditions.

The next tips will help you determine if the flowers are cut soon or are staying for few days in the shop. Prior to all check the stem. If the flower is good, the ends of the stem should be green or white. Any other color will tell you that something is wrong. They will also look visibly fresh cut and not dry or spoiled at the ends.

The water, in which they are put, is also very important part of the valuation. It can be easily seen. It should be clean and the container itself should also look good from outside and inside as well. If any of these conditions is different, do not buy the flowers, because you will soon be disappointed.

The leaves of the plant, if there are any, is also sign of the withering of the flower. Usually they are the first to die. If they are brown at the ends and do not look fresh then the flower will soon lose its good looks.

The flowers of the plant should not be opened fully. Choosing the less opened to guarantee long life of the bouquet.

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