Brooke Burke Diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer

Through a honest but distressing video uploaded on Youtube, “Dancing with the stars” co-host Brooke Burke confirms, she has cancer.

You may remember Burke from her days as the host from the E! Entertainment tv show, “Wild On“;  she is now revealing her truth before anyone else.

Brooke Burke during her video “Cancer. Me?”

During the summer, Brooke Burke has been submitted under several tests and researches after a biopsy study. At first the result presented as atypical, which means that doctor couldn’t confirm if the nodules were cancerous or benign. After a second opinion, it was confirmed that Brooke Burke had thyroid cancer and that she needed a thyroid surgery and a thyroidectomy. Her surgeries has been already booked.

The crazy part is that according to Bruke words, she feels amazing, she has never felt better before, and this was found out during a regular physical.

Behind a layer of a harsh situation, Brooke Burke describes herself as a promising good patient, that now can talk about the issue. Even though she can’t control her body, she will fight through this and all is gonna be good.

Just for the record, the word “cancer” may scare you but there is another TV star that had to deal with this same situation on 2008 and her name is Sofia Vergara.

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