Brad Pitt Thinks George Clooney is too Old

During an interview with People Magazine, Brad Pitt joked about reaching the 50s and the fact the he can’t accept advices from fellow actors like George Clooney. The actor also talked about his life with 7-year-girlfriend Angelina Jolie.

Brad Pitt wants to follow that road of the multifaceted actor. He doesn’t only wants to act, he wants to write, produce and direct; and he has made proof of that dedication in movies like “Moneyball” and “Tree of Life”. The actor is getting ready for a bigger and commercial project called “World War Z”

Brad Pitt Thinks George Clooney is too old.

Must be a philosophy that when new projects are generated a new lifestyle arrived. The Brad Pitt from nowadays is not the same one in 2000. The way he is moving as an actor is demonstrating a change of attitude towards life. On December 18 he will reach the 50s and join the 50-years-old actors category along side best friend George Clooney.

About George Clooney, who turned 51 on May, the actor expressed “He is too old, we have different lifestyles. What is going to advice me besides taking care of my liver?”

Many opinions stated that Pitt change of mind started when he left his wife, actress Jennifer Aniston for Academy Award Winner, Angelina Jolie. In the eye of the beholder, it is supposed that changing lifestyle from an actress dedicating to her career for an actress more involved with society and global refugees problems, can change a man perspective.

Pitt is now the father of 6 kids, three of them adopted and the other three with actress Angelina Jolie.

“Make sure of enjoying every year more than ever. I am more conscious about time. I now know is limited ” Brad Pitt

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