Best Musical Plays in London

Author: Sophie Samuel

London’s Drury Lane is known for its spectacular productions! We can see why, considering the rich history that is found inside the playhouse’s grand facade. Drury Lane has always gone big when it comes to musical theatre and its impressive display.

Some of the best musical plays in London can be found at Drury Lane, located in the borough of Westminster on Catherine Street. Popular composer Andrew Lloyd Webber currently owns the theatre. Drury Lane is said to be haunted by several ghosts that have reportedly roamed the corridors and even popped up inside a theatre dressing room or two.

Putting all friendly apparitions aside, Theatre Royal Drury Lane always presents delightful and entertaining musical plays for the entire family.

‘Shrek The Musical’ is playing at Drury Lane with its wonderful cast of fairytale characters. From Princess Fiona to Lord Farquaad to Donkey to the green ogre himself, Shrek is an unforgettable musical adventure.

Starting May 18th, Sam Mendes will direct a new musical version of the beloved ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,’ at Theatre Royal Drury Lane. This one is destined to be a sweet treat for the masses. Who could resist the unconvential chocolatier and his yummy candy empire!

Drury Lane is just one part of London’s amazing theatre scene in the city’s West End. Victor Hugo’s ‘Les Miserables‘ is playing at Queens Theatre at 51 Shaftesbury Avenue. The entire world has come to adore the haunting musical, one that depicts struggle, passion and survival during the revolutionary period in France. Gritty performances make this a must-see.

‘Jersey Boys’ is playing at the Prince Edward Theatre at Old Compton Street. This wonderfully contagious musical will have you on your feet singing along to Franki Valli and The Four Seasons classics like ‘Sherry,’ ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry,’ and ‘Oh What a Night.’

If you’re on the hunt for a romantic thriller, then ‘The Bodyguard’ at London’s Adelphi Theatre on the Strand is the venue for you! The music is incredible featuring more than 10 of Whitney Houston’s greatest hits woven into the the alluring love saga of the pop superstar and her bodyguard.

When you’re looking for superb performances in live musical theatre, then London’s West End can transport you to that time and stage. There are so many wonderful selections to choose from all year long. From ‘Wicked’ to ‘Phantom of the Opera’ to ‘Midnight Tango,’ to ‘Singing in the Rain,’ to ‘Let it Be,’ to the ‘Book of Mormon’ and many more, the vibrant theatre scene is alive and well in London!

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