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Curtain Cleaning: What You Should Know


Author: Izzy Smith. Curtains are an important part of the decoration in any room, but their role is more than just for aesthetics. Curtains control the light in the room and they also block dust that enters from windows and doors. If you have fine curtains, you need to take care of them, so you [...]

Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day

Romance is About the Valentine's Day_2

Author: Izzy Smith. Valentine’s Day is believed to be the most romantic day of the year. No matter if you are in love and have your partner or you are secretly loving someone and are waiting for this day to reveal your feelings, this day is so full of love that we can hardly breathe. [...]

Student Guide: Accommodation for Students

Student Accommodation

Author: Izzy Smith. There are multiple ways of finding proper accommodation when you are a student. Students usually do not have too many requirements and are tend to living in groups which will significantly lower the monthly cost per person when it comes to the rental price. That is why finding you the best student [...]

Spain: The Best Destination For Your Family Holiday


Author: Izzy Smith. Choosing the perfect holiday destination for you and your family is not the easiest task, but your choice can be narrowed down according to the type of holiday, the desired climate and your budget. If you want plenty of tourist attractions, glorious weather, rich culture, vibrant cities and beautiful small towns, the [...]

Let Your House Be Green Cleaned With These Few Tips


Author: Izzy Smith. Using natural cleaners and green products for cleaning is a great way to have a safe and non-toxic house. There are some basic tips for green cleaning which you can utilize when cleaning the kitchen, the bathroom, the toilet and windows at your home.   1. Start With The Basics of Green [...]

Planning Your Next Vacation


Author: Izzy Smith. Everyone loves going on holiday, but not many people enjoy the preparation for it. The reason is because there is a lot to think about and we tend to think we are forgetting something all the time. Especially when you are travelling somewhere new and taking your whole family, there is a lot you can [...]

Top Grossing Bollywood Movies of 2012

Ek That Tiger - Bollywood

Author: Sanjeev Kumar. One of the largest entertainment industries, Bollywood has taken the world by storm. Since the wide popularity of Bollywood films have crossed international borders, the revenues for these movies have increased. The following movies are the top Bollywood movies of 2012 and are listed in order of highest domestic profit although their overseas profits are [...]