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The guy who said NO to Facebook $3 billion offer

Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat

What if Goliat before facing David had done a market research? What if he had offered David some kind of agreement knowing the threat of the aim and the rock? What if Goliat proposal had been very tempting, almost unrejectable, and nevertheless David had dismissed it? Its one of two cases, the boy is suicidal […]

Liam McIntyre before Spartacus

Liam McIntyre

If you are unfamiliarized with the Australian TV, the name Liam McIntyre will come up in mind as the mighty gladiator ‘Spartacus’. His strong looks and hoarse voice blend perfectly when replacing the late Andy Whitfield in Steven Knight series. But, where did McIntyre come from? what he did before “Spartacus”? The australian gladiator wasn’t […]

Three Villains for ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′

Amazing Spiderman 2 Villains

The shooting has begun and the casting keep on getting bigger and bigger. We are talking about ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘ starred by Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Peter Parker will return to the big screen in another movie about saving New York, fighting crime and injustice and working the great responsibilities that came with […]

CW Cancels 90210

After five season, CW cancelled '90210'.

It’s official. The CW has announced ‘90210‘ won’t return for a sixth season and will wrap up its run at the end of the fifth that will closures on May 13 of this year. The ending will be  paired with a retrospective similar to CW Series, ‘Gossip Girl’ and ‘One Tree Hill‘. The CW President, […]

Anne Hathaway: From ‘The Princess Diaries’ to Oscar Winner

Anne Hathaway Oscars 2013

It is unusual to remember the first movie fo a huge movie star. Robert De Niro first movie was ‘Encounter‘ in 1965. Johnny Depp started in the original ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ in 1984, always remembered for his blender like death scene. Meryl Streep began with ‘Everybody Rides the Carousel‘ where she was ‘Stage […]

Jennifer Lawrence: The Best Actress of The New Generation

Jennifer Lawrence - Oscars 2013

For an actress, winning an Academy Award is like receiving an ISO certification, a quality standar that states the grade of excellency you posses. A small group of women has received this distint honor: Nicole Kidman, Liza Minelli, Meryl Streep, Katherine Hepburn, Barbra Streisand, Hilary Swank, Elizabeth Taylor naming a few. On Sunday, February 24th, […]

Christoph Waltz: 2 Oscars in 4 Years

Christoph Waltz - Oscars 2013 - Django Unchained

Being Best Director, Actor, Actress and Picture the most expected categories from the audience, it is understood that Oscars Ceremony administration present those awards at the end of the event. But for equilibrating and relieving the stress of the three hour ceremony some equally hoped awards are presented at the very beginning. The Oscar for […]