‘Arrow’ Renewed for a Second Season

Usually, May and October are the months most waited for the Tv critics or for New Programming “Aficionados“. Is in these moments of the year where the new projects and the cancellations are announced. Having this as a traditional timeline, when project is renewed or cancelled before this dues, gives the conclusion that the TV program was amazingly great or just awful.

Luckily, the new superhero series ‘Arrow’ has become one of the extraordinary cases. The Tv Show based on DC Comics character ‘Green Arrow’/Oliver Queen, has been renewed for its second season. The CW Network has ordered the renewal for its hit series ‘Arrow’, ‘Vampire Diaries’ and ‘Supernatural’.

The Tv show whose Pilot episode was aired on October 2012, has already been nominated for a People Choice Award for Best New Tv Drama. With 18 episodes on its first season, ‘Arrow’ has earned a 8,3/10 on the IMDB ranking.

The success of this new tv show can be rely on several facts like: the show is based on a comic book, which is the current trend for hit shows and blockbusters, looking cases like ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘The Avengers’; the fact that the performances and the characters breaks the archetype of a common superhero stories; the fact of the collaboration of new but well known faces like Manu Bennet, Crixus on ‘Spartacus Series, playing the villain ‘DeathStroke‘ as well as Actor Seth Gabel playing villain ‘Count Vertigo‘ and Teen Wolf Colton Haynes playing Arrow Sidekick ‘Speedy’; or is it the fact the show is very profitable and successful due to the issue that is filmed in Canada where the lower taxes support the productions.

Regardless the reason, there isn’t a doubt, ‘Arrow’ is currently the “it show” in over-the-air television networks.

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