Alfred Hitchcock (2012) New Trailer

Every good movie needs a very majestic trailer. It is through trailers that the audience can touch a bit of the essence of the film, is through trailers people get attached to something they have not even seen. The production of the biographical film “Hitchcock” has just released a new and extended trailer presenting moments never seen before and never expected to be on the film.

Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh in ‘Hitchcock’ (2012)

Psycho (1960) became a movie that englobes synergy. The combination of every detail made it a masterpiece. The 20 minutes death, the cross dresser killer, the mother’s voice, the soundtrack, the shower scene, the peeking from the wall scene, the stuffed animals, everything made it genius.

James D’Arcy as Anthony Perkins on ‘Hitchcock’ (2012)

Watching the trailer, and discovering how every detail of that masterpiece was chosen gets me in the very center of my admiration. Facts like Hitchcock wife decision of killing Janet Leigh at the very first 30 minutes, her influences in Anthony Perkins casting, watching the amazing resembles between actor James Darcy and Anthony Perkins brought me back to Bates Motel registration scene. Trailers also presents us a little bit of a five star cast. Watching Scarlett Johansson ask about the shower scene and the nudity, made me believes the engagement of original actress Janet Leigh on a promising and independent film.

The performance of Toni Collette as film employee Peggy when Hitchcock is telling the background of Norman Bates character, is just amazing.

This is a movie that I definitely am going to watch at least twice.


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