A ‘Silent Night’ with Lindsey Stirling

Christmas Season is around the corner. The food, the decoration, the moral values, the TV specials, the premiere season and every other stuff expecte to be a part the last holiday of the year.

Lindset Stirling performing ‘Silent Night’.

Nothing better to set the mood than music, nothing better to state Christmas time like Caroling. Our favorite violinist, Lindsey Stirling has uploaded her latest video on her official Youtube Channel performing the classic Christmas Carol ‘Silent Night‘.

With Devin Graham doing the cinematography and Lindsey doing the violin parts and the vocals, the result sends you under the Christmas Tree.

The usual filming production on Lindsey Stirling videos knows how to send a message, combining the beautiful melodies and the frames in the picture. Elements like the decorated park, the Christmas Tree at the corner of the room and Lindsey lonely performance express you the need for a self analysis and a self discovery about what Christmas really means.

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