A bit more of Henry Ian Cusick on Body of Proof

Previously I wrote about the character actor, Henry Ian Cusick, who will be appearing as a guest-star in the medical-crime drama Body of Proof. The Scottish performer will portray Trent Marsh, a therapist who will help Dr. Megan Hunt (Dana Delany) in a homicide investigation that involves some of his patients.

Henry Ian Cusick as Trent Marsh

Henry Ian Cusick as Trent Marsh

Cusick’s will appear in two episodes of the medical-crime drama, the first one, episode 7, titled ‘Eye for an Eye‘ would premiere on February. Episode 13, titled ‘Daddy Issues‘ would air on May 7, 2013. Information on these episodes is rather scarce, but one thing is certain Cusick has kept himself busy.

The actor from Lost is set appear in the police-drama CSI: Las Vegas in episode 16, titled “Last Woman Standing” which will premiere on Wednesday, February 27.

Among other projects the famous actor is wrapping up Neo noir mystery/thriller titled “The Girl on the Train,” Cusick works alongside Stephen Lang (White Irish Drinkers), and Nicki Aycox (The Employer).

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